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I own a small charming furnished flat in the heart of Paris. Whenever I don't use it myself I let the apartment to friends and other nice people. This is a private arrangement without help from agencies. Therefore, much is based on mutual trust and prices can be kept low.

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My apartment is located in rue Beauregard, in the II nd Arrondissement,
which is the smallest Paris district.


The neighborhood, called le Sentier, is not yet overcrowded by tourism. There are still many tiny shops which do small scale fashion business. Quartier Montorgueil, one of the nicest and certainly the most central pedestrian area of Paris, is a 10 minutes walk to the South, on the limit between the I st and II nd arrondissement. It is an area where French people go, with  all-day markets and lots of French restaurants. A walk down to the Seine River or the Louvre Museum takes about 25 minutes. There are two Métro (underground transportation) stations about 300 meters from the apartment serving the main North-South and East-West lines. The Grands Boulevards are beginning just around the corner to the west. If you cross the street North into the IX th or X th arrondissement, you have lots of cheap ethnic restaurants. The red light district (which is completely safe) begins two blocks away to the South-East and streches southwards. You don't need to go there if you don't want to. The apartment consists of a main room and a bathroom, together about 20m². This IS small, and nothing for people who need space. One or two persons may stay there. Apart from the usual furniture (e.g., sofa-bed) it is equipped with a mini-kitchen with microwave, and includes telephone, cable-TV (BBC, CNN,...), Stereo, as well as free and unlimited high-speed internet access via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The bathroom has a shower and a washing machine. The main room has three insulating windows, one to rue Beauregard, two others to rue de Cléry, therefore, the room is fairly bright. It is on the fourth (European) floor, the last one. You can see the sky, which is not a matter of course in Paris. There is no elevator but a wooden wound stairway. The house is dated 19th century. The location of the apartment is extremely quiet without any street noise whatsoever. On the other hand, there is a main shopping street just around the corner, including supermarkets, restaurants, (some of them open all night) and good book shops.


Click to enlarge the following pictures and maps

For security reasons, I don't show the entrance of my apartment, but these pictures are taken a few steps from there. The left picture shows the Porte Saint-Denis, which you can track on the maps. On the right picture, the flat is on the last floor in one of the center blocks between the two streets. One window opens to the right-hand street, rue Beauregard, two windows go to the left-hand street, rue de Cléry.

Paris Beauregard3.jpg (31156 bytes)

Paris Beauregard2.jpg (32517 bytes)

Paris Beauregard1.jpg (30793 bytes)

On these maps you can locate the apartment. A blue circle indicates rue Beauregard. The left-hand map is a rather small jpg-file, the map in the middle is fairly big but crisp. The right-hand picture shows the Métro (underground) transportation map. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6: click on the enlarge button which appears on the right bottom of the picture.

Paris150small.jpg (162123 bytes)

Paris150.jpg (605231 bytes)

metro2.gif (159307 bytes)

  On this map (160 kByte) you can see the little green dottet streets south of the apartment, which indicate Quartier Montorgeuil, one of the nicest pedestrian areas. Same map as previous but  resolution is better (600 kByte!) Map is taken from Michelin. That's the Métro transportation map (160 kByte). The apartment is 300 meters away  from the stations Strasbourg-St. Denis and Bonne Nouvelle.


The Interior

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(250 kBytes)


  How much?
Additional charges (electricity, water, etc.) are included!

per day per week per 15 days per month
- - 650 Euros 990 Euros

Because of French legislation, short-term rental is unfortunately not possible.


Availability / Openings


Interested? You're most welcome!

Write to My name is Christoph Grandt.


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