That's me in Nicaragua. A physicist by profession, I'm teaching math and science to young people in tropical countries. I loved my time in Paris at UNESCO though and Paris has become my patria universal. I'm taken to the flair of former Portuguese colonies: Angola, Macao, Goa, Malakka... and one day I must see São Tomé. My music ranges from Oregon, Tori Amos and Electronica to ancient music, Bach & Satie. I had the chance to live five years in Nicaragua and then in Kenya, only one year, but that was enough to make Africa a part of me. I'm currently living in the Philippines, after a short year in Seoul, Korea. Philippines has wonderful people and I might end up here for good.

The following map is somehow misleading because I've never been
to Alaska, and in Canada only in Windsor, just opposite Detroit.

Stopovers are not included though.

map of countries visited

Visited 88 countries (39%)